Volunteer roles in gisda

With every volunteer we arrange an interview to find out your interest and what project suits you best. These roles can vary and is difficult to define each one. If you have another role in mind please contact us for a chat.

Here is a list of the types of volunteering you can do in GISDA:

Caffi GISDA is a training center for young people but is also a working cafe, open to the public. The volunteer role asks volunteers to do a wide range of tasks in the kitchen/cafe. Serving customers, preparing food and drink, cleaning, using a til and working as a team with other volunteers and staff.

Fundraising and Events
Fundraising and arranging events is a fun and exiting way of taking part as a volunteer. Volunteers can help us in different ways from helping to arrange an event, raising money in our collection boxes, helping out on our fun days etc.

Outdoor activities and sports
Do you enjoy taking part in sports and outdoor activities? Why not volunteer to arrange these activities for our young people or assisting with an organised activity! Gisda's young people regularly take part in football sessions, walking and climbing.


Do you have any marketing skills that you could share with GISDA? There is always marketing and raising awareness work in the company.

Applying for grants or researching
Do you have time to assist GISDA in applying for grants or researching? We are constantly applying for grants to continue our services and researching to ensure quality of services.

Reaching out
GISDA attends school and organisation sessions to host workshops and presentations on our work. If you have good people skills, want experience in this field or want to raise your confidence - this might be the role for you!