E's Story

E referred himself to GISDA in the hope he could get accommodation and support. E was struggling to live at home due to a breakdown in his relationship with his mother. A major factor in this breakdown was that E had recently told his family that he was gay and his family found this hard to accept.

“I was kicked out by my Mum in April. It wasn’t purely for being gay but it was one of the big factors. When I came out I had to tell my Mum I was bisexual not gay, simply because I knew that would keep her happy as I would only be ‘half wrong’”

E had also lost his father as a teenager. This was extremely difficult for him and he was still trying to come to terms with the emotional difficulties of losing a parent at a young age. Instead of filling the role of his father, E’s grandfather physically abused him. This history of violence had a traumatic effect on E.

E has shared that he suffered from mental health problems in the past as a result of his traumatic experiences. He has attempted suicide on three different occasions before moving in to the hostel. Thankfully, he is now in a better place:

“My mental health has stabilised recently. Since living in GISDA, I am able to be myself”

When E first moved into the hostel he was timid, cautious and kept himself to himself. However, this was short-lived, as E settled he became more confident and his self-esteem improved. Staff members often speak of how proud they are of E for the determination and commitment he has shown. He worked hard at school and achieved great GCSE results despite everything he went through.

E is also a proud and active member of the army cadets. He has taken part in the national armed forces day parade, watched by thousands of people. He also has been on away days and training camps. Between his dedication to the cadets and his school work, it is impressive that he managed to juggle everything.

E is now about to embark on the next chapter in his life. He has enrolled on a Level 3 course in marine engineering at Coleg Menai. With his key worker, he secured a grant from the Buttle trust UK which will help him work towards completing his college course. This grant will help him buy a laptop, a printer, a desk and essential items like files and biros.

E also attends GISDA’s LGBT youth group twice a month and states that this has really helped him. He has been able to attend Chester Pride and Cardiff Pride with the group. E also volunteers within the group to support others going through a difficult situation similar to his own.

“I’ve got friends with mental health problems and I’ve got mental health problems myself. We sort of help each other. LGBT people tend to stick together as we can empathise with each other and understand each other better.”

E has just moved into GISDA’s semi-independent move on flats where we will continue to support him on his incredible journey.