Team Around the Young Person’s (TAPI) Vision


We are extremely fortunate to have received funding from the UK Government's Community Renewal Fund. TAPI aims to take the lead of young people in collaboration with other organizations in the field to improve services for young people in Gwynedd. We will evaluate the importance of providing a tailored holistic service that ensures that access to the number of services is a smooth process for the young person.

Many organizations provide services for young people but finding the right one can be very difficult for the individual. Nor does it get easier when support is accepted- it is then very difficult for a young person to coordinate all support without a support network and someone to lead the way.

It is essential that statutory and third sector organizations work together to make things easier for young people- to create the Team Around the Young Person (TAPI)

Throughout the pilot we will:

  • Investigate the most effective ways of working with vulnerable young people in Gwynedd and seek to identify the merits of practice that ensure successful intervention with good outcomes.
  • Collect data and map the needs of vulnerable young people in Gwynedd
  • Identify the legislations, policies and procedures that apply to vulnerable young people.
  • Identify and outline the barriers facing vulnerable young people.
  • Identify gaps in provision to prepare a business plan in collaboration with young people to address those barriers and gaps.
  • Identify ways of improving joint working between partners in Gwynedd for the benefit of young people.
  • Asking whether we are hearing and listening to young people’s voices through GISDA’s Young People’s Board.
  • Pilot and measure various therapeutic interventions for young people in Gwynedd.

We have already identified some of the barriers, for example the weakness of young people’s literacy, lack of public transport, lack of appropriate accommodation and lack of employability support to name a few.

The funding GISDA has received will look at the above elements in collaboration with others. Some of the participants will include Cwmni CELyn, Bangor University, Antur Waunfawr, Plas Menai, Mantell Gwynedd, Fran Wen and Copronet Cymru. We would also include input and discussions with the statutory organizations such as Gwynedd Council, Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board, Housing Associations and Department for Work and Pensions.

Sian Tomos, GISDA’s Chief Executive says:

“The project will be an opportunity for us to outline and raise awareness of the barriers and frustrations in delivering services to young people. One very simple virtue that leads to successful outcomes is the importance of giving young people time- over time we can build healthy and strong relationships and gain trust that provides a solid foundation from which to look at all the other elements a young person needs. It can be 15-20 hours a week for one person. In our opinion and experience, this is all that is needed to make a real difference. This investment will give us the opportunity to step back and look at services for young people and think about how we can improve or do things differently for the benefit of young people in Gwynedd. We are very grateful for this resource and appreciate the investment from the UK Government and the support of Gwynedd Council.”