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Support Worker
RESPONSIBLE TO: Project Manager
DEPARTMENT: Cefnogi Pobl project
LOCATION: Caernarfon
SALARY: £15,100 - £16,847 + additional sleep in allowance
CONTRACT: 31.03.2019
CLOSING DATE: 05/10/2018

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Gruffudd Glyn - Raise money for GISDA

London Marathon
Hackney Half Marathon

Any donation towards this would be gratefully received.

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Notice of Annual General Meeting


4pm on Thursday, 21st of September

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Volunteering Annual Report



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GISDA’s Volunteer Statistics


See attachment for GISDA’s volunteer statistics for the third quarter (October, November, December)
Please contact us for more information on the project or if you know of anyone who would like to volunteer!

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Te a Cofi Celebrate 2 Years

Last week Te a Cofi, GISDA’s café celebrated opening its doors for two years. To celebrate this here’s a short video about our Social Enterprises.

Thank you very much to all of our volunteers and faithful customers for their support over the last two years.



Following the Welsh Government’s release of the Trans*Form Cymru charter GISDA is proud to launch a new logo to promote young people’s rights for those who recognise themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. An official launch will be held on the 16th of November in Te a Cofi, Caernarfon.

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Creative European Event


On the 17th of October 2016, the FEANTSA Youth Network marked the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty 2016 with co-ordinated action across European cities (Amsterdam, Berlin, Belgrade, Caernarfon, Copenhagen, Waterford) to impress upon policymakers and the general public that every young person has the right to a home. Network members took part in artistic demonstrations outside of landmarks and government buildings to highlight the growing issue of youth homelessness. To see more photos - click here

Grant Cymorth Llaw



Every donation received by GISDA goes towards the Cymorth Llaw grant - which is a grant available for young people. This is how the money was spent from April till today....
And just in case you wish to can do this by clicking on this link


Short film created by GISDA's young people

Important Visits


This week has been a very busy week for GISDA with very important visits happening in Caernarfon and Blaenau Ffestiniog.

On Monday the Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Children, Carl Sargeant came to visit the moving on flat in Tre Gof, Caernarfon. He got the opportunity to chat with Tyron Williams, one of the tenants in the flats about his life and his hopes for the future. It was a great opportunity to see the excellent partnership work for young people between GISDA and Cartrefi Cymunedol Gwynedd.

On Monday as well Sian Gwenllian, the Assembly Member for Arfon, came to visit Hafan, the hostel in Caernarfon. It was an opportunity for her to meet the young people and to see the work that is done in with the young people in the hostel.

Liz Saville, the Member of Parliament for Meirionnydd, came to visit Blaenau Ffestiniog on Tuesday. An opportunity for her to chat with the young people that are living and receiving support in our hostels in Blaenau Ffestiniog.

We would like to thank them all for taking the time to meet and visit our young people here in GISDA.

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Social Saturday October 15 2016



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Musicians Against Homelessness

poster poster

During the first week in October there will be two gigs arranged that are part of the ‘Musicians Against Homelessness’ activities. These gigs are arranged all over Britain and the idea has been developed by Alan McGee that has, over the years., managed bands such as Oasis. Over Britain the money raised is going towards the charity Crisis who works with homeless people in London, but as these gigs are arranged in Gwynedd half of the money raised will go towards the GISDA does with young vulnerable and homeless people.

We would like to thank all the bands that are part of the gigs and to Sera Owen for arranging the gig in Caernarfon. For more information contact us

GISDA’s Annual General Meeting



GISDA’s Annual General Meeting will be held on September 27th ar 2pm in Galeri Caernarfon. Contact us for more information.




Tre Gof

tre gof tre gof

The lounge in Tre'r Gof has had a new lease of life! Thanks to Alex one of our service users for her help with the painting.



Supporting People Project


Over the next weeks we will be working with Cymorth Cymru and Community Housing Cymru to highlight the importance of the invaluable program Supporting People – a project that is funded by the Welsh Government.

In GISDA the funding is used for our accommodation and floating support service, and last year they supported 136 young people.

We will be giving you a taste on the website of the work the project does but keep a look out for our Facebook and Twitter pages to get a more complete picture.

Rheni Ifanc Ni Parenting sessions



Rheni Ifanc Ni Parenting sessions are held in Ty’r Ysgol every Monday. Warm welcome to everyone.




Young Parents Project Report May 2016


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Volunteering Statistics April-June 2016




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Volunteering Annual Report 2015-2016




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Volunteering Statistics January-April 2016


Take a look at our volunteering statistics for January, February, March! 38 individuals have volunteered with a total of over 2000 hours for the last 3 months!

Thank you very much to each one for their time.

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Would you like to volunteer?
Contact us:, 01286 671153

Giving young people their voice


On the 14th of April between 1:30pm and 3pm, young people form Arfon will come face to face with the area’s politicians during a hustings event ready for the Welsh Assembly Election on May 5th. Theatre Seilo Caernarfon will be the stage for an afternoon where representatives from the main political parties will answer questions about issues that worry young people.

The hustings is arranged by GISDA, a charity that supports young vulnerable young people in Gwynedd and they hope that issues the affect young people will be discussed during the afternoon. By arranging the hustings GISDA hopes that the successful candidate will listen and ensure that young people’s voice will be heard in the Welsh Assembly.

Gethin Evans will be chairing the afternoon, and Gethin said:

“A lot of people have lost faith in politics and this is obvious amongst young people. With this event I hope that it will bring young people closer to the political world and give them a special opportunity to discuss issues that are important to them with the Assembly candidates”.

This is a free and open event to any young people between 15 and 30 years old. For more information or to join in with the discussion contact us / 01286 671153

For more information for the event contact Annes Sion or Ceri Cunnington on 01286 671153 / /

Walking to raise money


On the 1st April a group of GISDA staff and young people will take part in a sponsored walk from Caernarfon to Pwllheli. By walking over 20 miles the group will raise money for GISDA’s Cymroth Llaw Grant (Helping Hand Grant).

GISDA is a charity for young vulnerable people, which offer support and opportunities for young people in Gwynedd. One of the supports available is the Cymorth Llaw Grant, a grant that is available for young people in an emergency. Even though it is a very small grant – up to £75 – it is a valuable to those that receives the grant. Over the last months there’s been an increase in the number of application for the grant and as a result unfortunately the pot is very low. To ensure that the grant is available for young people a group as decided to arrange a sponsored walk.

The Cymorth Llaw Grant began a couple of years ago, and over the last year 24 young people has received on average £67 each. But the grant is not there for pocket money for the young people but specifically for young people in an emergency. Most of the grant was used for household goods, food, deposit for accommodation and clothing. The group that will be walking the 20miles hopes to raise around £1000.

Alice Horwood one of the organisers said:
“I’m glad that a group has decided to participate in this sponsored walk, I hope that it will raise a large sum of money for the Cymorth Llaw Grant. It is a grant that’s used by people who desperately need it and it does make a difference in their lives. Thank you to everyone that has already donated”.

If you wish to donate for the sponsored walk you can do this by sending a text message to GISD41 £5 (or the sum you wish to donate) to 70070.



Sglein is one of GISDA’s Social Enterprises. Sglein provides a reasonably prices cleaning for offices, houses, schools, shops while also giving young people the opportunity to develop their skills, thus helping them to gain access to work.

Sglein have extensive experience of cleaning that can be tailored to meet your cleaning needs, we can undertake all kinds of cleaning work to a high standard across Gwynedd.

We are keen to keep the benefit within this enterprise local and any profit made will be reinvested in the enterprise to enable us to continue to support young people in Gwynedd.

How do Sglein support young people?

Sglein offers young people volunteering opportunities and work experience, hand in hand with accreditations through Agored Cymru is areas such as Customer Care and cleaning, with these transferable skills that can be applied to other areas of work.

Our young people will receive support by Sgelin’s Young People Mentor to ensure that a high standard of cleaning is maintained.

Sglein’s price is £15 per hour.

For more information contact Sglein on 01286 671153

Volunteering Statistics October - December 2015




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Straeon Bob Lliw

The first episode of Straeon Bob Lliw - GISDA - a radio program on BBC Radio Cymru about GISDA will be aired on Monday at 12:30.

Press Release
November 15th 2015

On the 20th of November 2015 the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be introduced to some of GISDA’s young people and staff. The visit will take place at GISDA’s catering training centre, known as ‘Te a Cofi’ in the centre of Caernarfon.
They are already patrons of one of our partner organisations in England Centrepoint who undertakes similar work to GISDA. This will be an opportunity for them to hear some of our Young people’s stories and the additional difficulties that comes with being homeless in a rural area.

GISDA was established in 1985 to provide support and accommodation for homeless young people in the area. Since then, GISDA has developed many other supporting projects and have recently evolved to include Social Enterprises within the structure as another means of sustaining services for vulnerable young people. GISDA is a charity that provides intensive support and offers opportunities to vulnerable young people between 14 and 25 years old in North Wales. GISDA seeks to improve young people’s lives by working with them to develop independent living skills, employability skills and health and a sense of self-worth. Over the last year alone GISDA’s services has reached 2000 young people. The support offered to each individual work towards achieving defined goals that are tailored to each young person’s needs, directly addressing the difficulties each young person is experiencing. Through the range of projects and therapeutic support that GISDA offers, young people gain the confidence and the skills required to live independent lives. Some of our projects include supporting young parents, raising awareness of homelessness across schools, finding and providing suitable and supported accommodation for young people and employability support. Our various social enterprises provides further opportunities for young people such as our cleaning company ‘Sglein’ (Shine), Cinematic – Inflatable Cinema, painting and decorating, Sandwich van and our famous ‘Te a Cofi’.

The Duke and Duchess will gain an overview of the charity’s work by meeting young people that benefit from GISDA’s services. They will be visiting one of GISDA’s social enterprises –‘ ‘Te a Cofi’. ‘Te a Cofi’ is a café and catering training centre that offers young people work experience and training opportunities. Providing supported work experience to young people will help them achieve and gain the experience needed to gain paid employment and move on to independent living. They will also be meeting several other young people and will have the opportunity to listen to some of their stories and to hear about some of the challenges that faces them.

We are extremely proud of our Young people’s achievements and pleased that GISDA have been able to play a part by supporting and providing opportunities to develop themselves. The Young people have had to overcome some very difficult barriers without much family support. Young people are always welcomed at GISDA and we try our best to persevere through thick and thin to help Young people to get to know themselves better and to provide opportunities for them to realise their dreams and ambitions and to reach their full potential. Sian Tomos Chief Executive stated “There isn’t a better feeling in the world than to see a Young person flourish especially after overcoming some pretty difficult barriers.”

Like many other charities GISDA is facing extremely challenging times, as a result of severe funding cuts, the level of services that we can offer young people will inevitably be affected. In light of these impending cuts, GISDA sees this as a unique opportunity to showcase the invaluable work that is being done at the present. All of GISDA’s projects contribute to the Welsh Government National agenda to tackle poverty and therefore it’s vitally important that the Investment in our Services continues. The need is there. We are grateful to the Welsh Government, Gwynedd Council and the Lottery as our 3 main funders; we hope we can continue to work together to reach the goal of ending youth homelessness, of tackling poverty and to provide and equal opportunity to all Young people who may at a disadvantage for all sorts of reasons.

The visit reflects The Duke and Duchess’ particular interest in work done to help young people, investing in their future, making sure that they receive adequate and timely support in early adulthood to prevent the development of more serious problems.


Service User’ Story

‘L’ a 18 year old female from Caernarfon.

‘L’ moved in to Hafan hostel in Caernarfon following a self- referral to GISDA in May 2015. When ‘L’ moved into the hostel she was a vulnerable, scared and traumatized individual who had suffered serious domestic violence and emotional abuse. She was also taken into care from a young age due to her mother’s inability to care for her. As a coping mechanism ‘ L’ was drinking a considerable amount of alcohol which resulting in anti-social behaviour and violent outbursts .This brought ’ L’ into contact with the Youth Justice Service following numerous convictions for drunk and disorderly and assaults.

Initially ‘L’ struggled to engage with the support that was offered and her behaviour was very erratic and difficult to manage. She failed to engage with outside and was consequently breached by the Youth Justice Team.

However with intensive support and a therapeutic approach we started to see small changes and we built upon these. We focused on the positives and listened to what she actually wanted. Staff were consistent in their approach, they motivated ‘L’ and believed in her. We used a lot of praise and encouragement. We also used behaviour agreement detailing what was acceptable behaviour and what was expected of her but also detailing our responsibilities and how we could help and support her to change her behaviour. This worked well and L felt she was being supported and not punished for her unacceptable behaviour.

Our perseverance paid off and L started to engage well with her Key Worker and other members of the team. She started to attend various workshops such as healthy relationships and substance abuse. She attended our focus groups and contributed well and came up with a lot of ideas we could incorporate into our service user participation strategy. She also won our poem competition and was extremely proud of herself.

L is now working in our training café and thoroughly enjoys the experience. She is planning for her future and setting and achieving her goals.

Click here to see her poem

The Present Financial Situation

Like many other charities GISDA is facing extremely challenging times, as a result of severe funding cuts, the level of services that we can offer young people will inevitably be affected.

To ensure these services are sustained at the current level we kindly for donations to enable us to continue to support the young vulnerable people of our society.

If you wish to donate and support GISDA you can do so clicking the Donate button or by texting GISD40 £xx (the amount you would like to donate) to 70070.

Also why not donate to GISDA without any extra cost whilst Christmas Shopping by using the Give as You Live website. Every gift you buy this Christmas could raise money for us – and you don’t need to spend a penny more! Through Give as you Live over 3,000 stores will donate a percentage of whatever you spend online.

Please give it a try today and raise funds for us this Christmas, just by shopping online

See our new film that was created to celebrate 30 years of our work - there will be subtitles on the film very soon. Thank you to everyone that contributed

Helping Refugees

GISDA's staff and young people helped with the work of loading all vans ready to go to Syria Relief Charity - amazing team work. Thank you to all of them for their help.







GISDA’s new Annual Review

To learn more about our projects click here.

Annual General Meeting

Just a reminder that GISDA’s Annual General Meeting will be held on the 24th September at 2pm in the Galeri in Caernarfon.

Opportunity to learn about GISDA’s work over the last year.

Warm welcome to all

GISDA’s Annual General Meeting


24th September
Galeri, Caernarfon

Opportunity for an update on GISDA’s work
Warm welcome to all
For more information contact

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Mentro Mlaen's Launch Days - this week - activities during the end of the week in Meirionnydd, Dwyfor and Arfon. Free and welcome to everyone!

Wednesday 29/07/2015
Dwyfor Leisure Centre, Pwllheli
10:30 – 14:30
Various activities such as – Climbing wall, Arts and crafts activities and Ed Holden beatboxing

Thursday 30/07/2015
Ty’r Ysgol, Caernarfon
11:00 – 16:00
Various activities such as – Xbox One Competition, Mosaics and beatboxing

Friday 31/07/2015
Blaenau Ffestiniog Leisure Centre
14:00 – 16:00
Various activities such as - Obstacle race, stall and arts and craft activities

Free entry and welcome to everyone

Raffle Tickets For Sale


Raffle Tickets for Saturday (25/07) now on Sale in Caffi Te a Cofi - thank you to everyone for contributing.

£1 per strip

If you wish to contribute a prize do contact us

Tickets will also be on sale during the Fun Day

Click here for a list of prizes

Volunteer of the Month

Our Volunteer of the Month for July is Chris Amihere.
Chris has been volunteering for Te a Cofi since January.
Chris enjoys socialising, meeting new people and music. He came to Te a Cofi to develop social skills. He enjoys talking to young people the same age and he sees volunteering as a brilliant way of getting experience and he feels  he’s contributing to something instead of being at home every day.
A message to the customers from Chris “Be happy and don’t worry about money”.
Twm, Te a Cofi’s Manager said “Chris is a brilliant volunteer and a vital part of the success of the cafe, he’s here every day on time, usually early, and his energy is great to have. His singing is good as well! It is a pleasure to award Chris with our first award for Volunteer of the Month”.

Gisda’s Fun Day


Coed Helen Field (over the Aber) Caernarfon

25th of July - 11am – 4pm

Warm Welcome to everyone

In addition to the activities that are on the poster there will be a Climbing Wall and Trampolines on offer during the day as well.

For more information, click here

Winning in the Accolades

On the 18th of June 3 members of staff and 1 service user made their way down to Cardiff for the Care Council for Wales, Accolades that were held in the City Hall, Cardiff. The Accolades are awards that are given every two years that provide an excellent opportunity to recognise and share the achievements of organisations, groups and teams that have invested in the learning and development of staff so they can deliver professional services and better outcomes for those people who need their support.

GISDA was nominated for the award for Excellent Outcomes in the Care of Younger People, Children and Early Years. We are happy to announce that we won the Accolade Award.

Congratulations to all of the staff that have been working hard to ensure that we as a company were able to win this award.

13/05/15 Small Workplace Health Award

Recently GISDA has received the Bronze Award from the Small Workplace Health Award. The Small Working Health Award provides employers with recognition for their approach to caring for the health and well-being of their staff.

For more information visit the Small Workplace Health Award for more information


23/04/15 Volunteering Statistics

Take a look at our volunteering statistics for 2015 so far. Great seeing so much people wanting to give their time to GISDA. We would like to thank all the volunteers for their help!




22/04/15 A Visit from Lesley Griffiths

Minister for Communities and Tackling Poverty, Lesley Griffiths AM has congratulated GISDA on their 30 years of providing opportunities for vulnerable young people in Gwynedd, Conwy, Anglesey and Denbighshire to improve their lives.

During a visit to GISDA’s headquarters in Caernarfon, the Minister had an opportunity to speak with staff and hear how Welsh Government funding has supported the organisation’s work with young people.

In 2014/15 the GISDA project received Welsh Government £769,000 funding through the Supporting People, Families First, Vibrant and Viable Places and Homelessness programmes.

GISDA has grown over the years and has developed to provide a range of service across North West Wales. They have various projects including working with young parents, single homeless young people, counselling, mediation, financial literacy, training and accreditations, peer mentoring and much more.

GISDA opened their first official Social Enterprise in Caernarfon in December 2014 which is a Training Centre for young people and a café for the public called Te a Cofi. They have also recently started their own cleaning social enterprise called ‘Sglein’ (Shine).

GISDA has also received financial support from the Welsh Government’s Vibrant and Viable Places Grant which is administered by Gwynedd Council. It is vital in the regeneration of Caernarfon Waterfront and the Town Centre.

A key objective of this project is to revitalise and promote new activities within the commercial town centre.  Whilst the development of training and skills will help address local needs, the project also seeks to increase the presence of employment related activities within the commercial area.

In particular, opportunities exist to build upon a range of support and employment opportunities being provided by social enterprises such as GISDA targeting vulnerable and disadvantaged young people.

GISDA’s Mentro Mlaen (Leaping Forward) project which is funded by the Big Lottery will provide training, employment opportunities and encourage engagement with young people.   These activities are employment based, and can contribute to the vitality of the town centre area. In promoting the revival of the Town Centre itself, the project will also build on work currently underway to investigate opportunities of establishing a Business Improvement District within the town.

Minister for Communities and Tackling Poverty, Lesley Griffiths AM said: “GISDA has played a vital role over the last 30 years in supporting young people with opportunities to improve their quality of life and ensure poverty does not put them at a disadvantage.

“Tackling poverty and homelessness and supporting care leavers into suitable housing are key objectives of the Welsh Government’s Ten Year Homelessness Plan. GISDA is an excellent example of how an organisation can target these issues and address the wider needs of vulnerable people.

“Young people can be particularly vulnerable when they leave home, and if they do not have the right help at the right time they can fall into a cycle of homelessness, poverty and other social problems. This project is working to break this cycle and build skills and confidence for a more positive future.”

Sian Tomos, GISDA’s Chief Executive stated
“It’s great to meet the Minister today, and to show her the range of services we can offer young people. On behalf of GISDA, I would like to thank her for taking her time to come and visit us up in Caernarfon and thanks to the Welsh Government and Gwynedd Council for their support over the years. There are challenging times ahead; this is why we are trying to diversify to include several social enterprises within our company in order to create opportunities for young people. We are also working much more collaboratively and in partnership with other agencies to maximise our resources.”

GISDA Board member Cllr Sian Gwenllian said: "Is is a privilege to have been appointed recently as Board member of this vital organisation. I was involved with GISDA back in the early days when it was set up and it's hard to believe that 30 years have passed since it's inception. During that time thousands of the area's most vulnerable young people have been supported, many of whom would now be homeless or living in poverty without the early intervention of GISDA. The organisation continues to blossom with the new social enterprises an exciting development, giving a boost to the local economy. I cannot praise the staff enough : always ready to go the extra mile under the inspirational leadership of the Chief Executive, Sian Elen Tomos."

19/02/15 Searching for Ex Service Users


This year GISDA is celebrating 30 years. As part of the celebration we are hoping to get in contact with ex-service users to hear their stories, to see where they are by now and to ask if the support they received from GISDA was of help to them.

If you are an ex-service users contact us and we will be very glad to hear from you…




29/01/15 Mentro Mlaen


Nia and Sion from the Mentro Mlaen project receiving Crime Beat funding from North Wales Police.

This funding was decided by the public through an online vote. The funding will go towards buying resources for Mentro Mlaen’s Youth Centres in Caernarfon, Blaenau Ffestiniog and Pwllheli. These centres will offer training opportunities for young people in Gwynedd.

Thank you very much to everyone that voted for the project before Christmas.

26/01/15 Cegin Cyngor Cynnes


During the cold month of Winter Te a Cofi Food Van will be traveling around distributing warm nutritious food for adults in need in Gwynedd and Anglesey. This is not a ‘Soup Kitchen’ but an opportunity to support vulnerable adults. We hope that a visit from a support worker with a meal and information about services in the area will benefit their health and wellbeing.
The meals distributed in the food van will be provided by the Te a Cofi kitchen. Through this the volunteers in the café will develop their skills by cooking food such as lobscouse and curry for the van.
For more information contact us on 01286 671153.

20/01/15 GISDA’s Fundraising Group


GISDA’s Fundraising Group will be held on Wednesday 11th of February at 3pm in GISDA’s office on the Maes, Caernarfon.

The meeting is open to anyone that has ideas on how to raise money for GISDA.

For more information contact Annes Sion – / 01286 671153

16/01/15 Cadw Cownt Course


Cadw Cownt Course will be held on the 12th of February 12 - 2pm in Ty'r Ysgol in Caernarfon.

An opportunity to get ideas and advice on how to manage your money and personal budget.

Contact us for more details.

Click here for poster

09/10/14 Street Football Wales

tom sewell

Good luck to Tom Sewell that has been chosen to play for the Wales team in the Homeless World Cup that is next month. Here is a picture of him in his new kit ready to go. Good luck to the team!

For more information, click here





08/10/14 Rhieni Ifanc Ni

The latest Rhieni Ifanc Ni report has shown very encouraging results to the project.

According to the parents that have been involved in the project;

75% are more aware of the services available to them in their community

88% feel more confident of using the services due to the support from the project/

84% has developed new skills during their time with the project

67% fell their mental and physical health has improved

63% feel that their relationship with their child has improved.

These are results from being part of the project, which as part of the supports arranges Parent Group sessions.
The Parent Groups has been very busy during the last couple of weeks with a variety of sessions arranged for the young parents.

Here are a few photos from the sessions:

Design to Smile session - click here
Meirionnydd Parent Group - click here
Trip to Pili Palas - click here
Gorge Walking - click here

Also when gorge walking the staff were busy filming  - you can watch the short film here: 

22/09/14 GISDA’s Annual General Meeting

Last Thursday the 18th of September GISDA’s Annual General Meeting was held in the Galeri in Caernarfon. It was a successful meeting and it was great seeing so many young people present in the meeting.
We had a presentations and updates in regards to the company’s project and we had a few words from new members of staff. Sian Tomos, Chief Executive, thanked partners, funders, the staff for all their hard work but more than anything thanked the young people.
GISDA’s Annual General Meeting
GISDA’s Annual General Meeting

03/09/14 Annual General Meeting

GISDA’s Annual General Meeting will be held on the 18th September at 2pm, in the Galeri in Caernarfon.

For more information click here or contact us

21/08/14 Questionnaire

Do you have 2 minutes to spare to answer a few questions about a Catering Training Centre that will be opening in Caernarfon? We will be grateful to get your opinion. Click here.

Thank you

15/08/14 Volunteering at "Te & Cofi"

A new and exciting venture will be starting soon in Caernarfon, where ‘Te & Cofi’ will be opening its doors to provide training opportunities for young people within the catering field. We are looking for volunteers to help run the centre on a daily basis and in return will receive qualifications in the following – First aid, Basic Food Hygiene, manual handling, Health & safety, customer service, communication, COSHH and many more.

If you are interested in volunteering and being part of this new venture please contact us: / 01286 671153

05/08/14 Raffle Prizes

We would like to thank the following for being so ready to give us prizes for our raffle during our Fun Day:

·    Huws Gray
·    Modurdy B & K
·    Siop Trin Gwallt Elaines, Llanrug
·    Siop Eifion
·    Tafarn Glyntwrog
·    Taxi’s Ken
·    O.G.Owen and Son Ltd
·    Pantri Cymreig
·    Tafarn y Black Boy
·    Jakes, Caernarfon
·    Pic a Mics a Petal
·    From That to This
·    Members of Staff

Thank you to all of them.

04/08/14 Save the Date


GISDA’s General Annual Meeting will be held on the 18th of September
In the Galeri in Caernarfon at 2pm.

More information will follow in the next month.

04/08/14 Street Football Wales

Street Football WalesTwo members of the GISDA Giants football team has had the opportunity to go to the trials to play for Wales in the Homeless World Cup. This year the Homeless World Cup will be held in Chile.

James Fensome and Thomas Sewell took part in the trails, and Thomas was successful in getting a place in the team for the Homeless World Cup. He will be flying to Chile to play football during October. We will let you inform you of Thomas’ time in Chile during October.

The GISDA Giants team would like to thank Harri Morris for all his hard work during the last years by arranging training sessions and taking the team to various competitions. Thank you very much to him and good luck towards the future.

(Picture of Thomas Sewell and Harri Morris)

31/07/14 Fun Day

Thank you very much to everyone that supported our Fun Day that was held yesterday! It was a successful day - even though the weather wasn't the best during the morning. We would specially like to thank all the organisations and stalls, Malcolm Allen, Steve Pablo, staff and everyone that came to enjoy. We would also like to thank everyone that contributed towards the raffle - we will be putting up a full list of the contributors and pictures of the day on our website before the end of the week.

Thank You!

08/07/14 GISDA’s Fun Day

gisda fun day

GISDA’s Fun Day will be held on the football field over the Aber, in Caernarfon on the 29th of July from 11am – 5pm.

The entry will be free and the majority of the list below will be £1 each or free.

The activities available will be:

·    Zip Wire
·    Assault Course
·    Sumo Wrestling
·    Gladiators
·    Bouncy Castles
·    Face painting
·    Mosaics
·    Circus skills
·    Beat Boxing
·    Fancy dress competition
·    Cinematic Screen and tent.

There will be a fancy dress completion throughout the day for children and adults. There will be no themes for the competition. The categories are as follows:

·    Children under 16years old
·    Adults
·    Team Fancy Dress

Good luck to everyone that will be competing

Various agencies and a few craft stalls will be available on the day in a big marquee on the field offering information and advice and a few treats to buy. The Fire Service and Lori Ni will be seen there during the day also.
There will be a Food Van available throughout the day – with burger and baked potatoes on offer, some hot dogs and popcorn will be to buy from the Cinematic stall as well.

There will be a range of live performances available on the day – Angylion Kelly will be disco dancing, the Majorettes will make a performance and some local bands. Malcom Allen will be presenting the day and the award ceremony that will be seen later on in the day. The Award Ceremony will be to award our young people that have received accreditations during the last few months from Agored Cymru.

It’s a day full of a wide range of activities for young people and children. A WARM WELCOM TO EVERYONE

02/0714: New Office

New Office Our main office in Caernarfon has now moved from Ty Rhydalun and now is suituated on Castle Square in the old Bob Parry building.

Our new address is:
22/23 Y Maes,
LL55 2NA

Our phone number remains the same (01286) 671153

02/07/14: Photos

Mosaic Session 01.07.14 - click here
Parent Group - Fathers Day Cards - click here
Grafiti Session Caernarfon - click here
Street Football Wales June - click here
Parent Group - Clay session - click here
Blaenau Ffestiniog Grafiti Session - click here
Street Football Wales 13th May - click here

01/07/14 Walking up Snowdon

wyddfa snowdon Some of GISDA's staff and service users are walking up Snowdon on the 8th of July and by doing this they hope to raise money to GISDA's Cymorth Llaw fund - this is a fund ran by GISDA that gives grants to young people to live their lives independently. So if you have a pound or two to spare please contribute by following this link

Thank you

10/06/14: Call for Local Craftsmen

On Tuesday, July the 29th GISDA is arranging a Fun Day in the football field over the Aber in Caernarfon. It is a day aimed towards children, young people and families. As part of the day there will be a marquee for stalls, and we are looking for local craftsmen to exhibit during the day on the stalls. We will be asking for a fee of £10 per craftsmen and a contribution off your stall for the raffle.

If you have any interest or to book your place do contact Annes Sion 01286 671153 or over e-mail

27/05/14: Photos

Horse Riding Sesion - click here
Parent Group - click here
Quadbike session - click here
Mosaic Session 22/05/2014 - click here

15/05/14: GISDA’s Fun Day

On 29th of July this year GISDA’s Fun Day will be held in the football field over the aber in Caernarfon. It will be a day of events and activities for young people and families. During the day we will be raising awareness of the services GISDA offers, an opportunity to receive information regarding other agencies and offer a range of activities to keep your child entertained for a day during the summer holidays. More information will be available soon.

02/05/14: Ty’r Ysgol

Ty’r Ysgol From the 1st of May the Ty’r Ysgol building, behind the Youth Club in Caernarfon, is being transferred to GISDA. Since 2002 Cwmni’r Ifanc Ty’r Ysgol has been responsible for the building, but from the 1st of May it will be GISDA’s responsibility. Ty’r Ysgol will continue to be an information centre for the young people in the area.

From Ty’r Ysgol GISDA’s new project, Mentro Mlaen, will be running from August. This project is funded by the Big Lottery fund in a grant for £500,000 over a period of 3 years. The project will fund 5 members of staff o work with the young people in the area to encourage them to move from support to employment. There will be a work path focused activities arranged. By arranging these activities the young people in the area will get the opportunity to raise their confident, develop skills, get work accreditations and get the opportunity to gain certificates.

02/05/14: Tre Gof Fflats

Tre Gof FflatsDuring the last week, some of our service users has moved into a block of flats – Tre Gof – in Caernarfon. These are Cartrefi Cymunedol Gwynedd’s one bedroom flats, and GISDA is the managing agent for these flats, under the Supporting People project.

There are 7 flats in the block, but one flat is used as an office for the staff, as there will be a member of staff present in the office during the day. The young people are settled into the flat and enjoying their new space.

02/05/14: Silver Skips for Precious Causes

Silver Skips for Precious CausesGISDA has been chosen as one of the charities for the Silver Skips for Precious Casuses scheeme by the company Gwynedd Skip and Plant hire Ltd.

During 2014, Gwynedd Skip and Plant hire will be painting 8 of their skips silver. Customers will be able to request these skips, and a percentage of the hire will go towards one of the 3 charities that has been chosen by the company. GISDA has been chosen to be one of the three charities. Customers will be able to choose which charity they wish to support and the percentage will go towards that choosen charity.

So if you are renvating yor home, clearing your garden, or need a skip for any reason – what about supporting GISDA by requesting a silver skip. You can do this by contacting the company by phoning 01286 677489 or visiting their website

02/05/14: HSSF Mark

HSSF MarkNow, GISDA has the HSSF Mark – that is the Help and Support for Separated Families. This program is designed to intergrade existing support services to help separated families collaborate in the best interest of the children.
The mark will allow parents to feel reassured that our organisation promotes collaborative working between parents following separation.

04/04/14: Photos

Stencil and Mosaic - click here

21/03/14: High Sheriff’s Annual Crimebeat Awards 2014

We are very pleased to announce that we have received one of the High Sheriff’s Annual Crimebeat Awards 2014 on March 20th. It was an award in recognition of the work undertaken to support young homeless people and their families since 1985. We are very grateful to receive this award presented by the High Sheriff of Gwynedd – Marian Wyn Jones, and the money that we received as part of the award will be used to support young people in need or emergency and also when they move into their home for the first time.

21/03/14: Photos

Anglesey Sea Zoo - click here

18/03/14: Photos

On Snowdon - click here

14/03/14: Snowdon

On Tuesday, March 18th 10 of GISDA’s service users will be walking up Snowdon. By doing this we hope to raise money to GISDA. We are searching for sponsors – if you wish to sponsors this, you can do this by sending a text message “GISD41 £x(the amount you wish contribute)” to 70070. We would be very grateful for any contribution.

For more details click here

06/03/14: Questionnaire

GISDA’s service users are keen to start an enterprise where vulnerable young people can attend courses in a place that’s unique. They arranged yurt building workshops and are eager to use what they have learned for the benefit of other vulnerable young people. The vision of the initiative is to create a space that will develop skills and improve mental health and emotional well-being. The enterprise will also be looking at attract tourists to Gwynedd.

We need your feedback, can you take 30 seconds to fill in the questionnaire.

28/02/14: Mentro ‘Mlaen Successful

We are extremely pleased to announce today that our Lottery grant application for £500,000 has been successful. This money will go to create 5 new posts over 3 years to support young people to leap from having support to employment. It will also help young people to start their own enterprises. We envisage that the project will commence around June 2014 and the project will be called Mentro 'Mlaen.

06/02/14: Fundraising Pack.

Fundraising PackDo you fancy fundraising for GISDA but not sure how to go about doing this? GISDA has created a booklet for you to help! The booklet will give you advice for all the steps needed to fundraise...

The donations GISDA receives we keep it separate and use it to support young people in need or in crisis as well as supporting them to in relocation into their own people for the first time.

So if you want some help with your fundraising – take a look at the booklet, it will advise you on fundraising ideas, safety and sponsorship forms. Click here to see the booklet...

17/01/14: Donate to GISDA by text

text giving

Now it is possible for you to donate to GISDA by text message. By sending the message GISD41 £xx (and the number you would like to donate) to 70070 you can contribute to our cause. It will be added to your phone bill, and all the money will go to GISDA, there is no extra cost for the message.

We need your help to support young vulnerable people.


23/12/13: GISDA’s Santa’s grotto

Due to the bad weather, GISDA’s Santa’s grotto that was supposed to be in a yurt on the Maes in Caernarfon has been moved. The Grotto will now be held in the old Halifax next door to HSBC between 12-4pm. A chance for children to receive gifts and for the adults to eat some mince pies!

A Warm Welcome to everyone!

18/12/13: GISDA’s Christmas Yurt

christmas poster Between 12-4pm on the 23rd of December there will be an opportunity to visit GISDA’s Christmas Grotto on the Maes in Caernarfon. There will be a chance to see Santa, receive a present and have a few mince pies.
GISDA’s yurt was created during the summer months by GISDA’s service users, under the leadership of Hungarian Guyri Jakobfi. During this time the young people got the chance to learn some structure building skills – how to steam and bend the trellis and create the beams for the roof. On the 23rd of December the yurt will be transformed into a magical Santa’s Grotto.
Come and visit Santa –you will receive a gift and get a chance to eat some mince pies and shortbread all for the bargain price of £3.50! The money raised from the grotto will go towards the young people that use GISDA’s services. GISDA is a charity that supports young vulnerable people and families to live their lives independently. So come and see Santa and support GISDA.

10/12/13: GISDA is now registered with Give and you Live.

Give and you Live
Every gift you buy this Christmas could raise money for us – and you don’t need to spend a penny more! Through Give as you Live over 3,000 stores will donate a percentage of whatever you spend online.

Please give it a try today and raise funds for us this Christmas, just by shopping online

04/12/13: GISDA Successful in People’s Millions

siecDuring last week, GISDA has been campaigning to win £50,000 from People’s Millions. On Friday 29th November a massive cheque arrived with the ITV news filming crew to announce that GISDA had won £50,000.

The People’s Millions is a Big Lottery grant where the public, by public vote, chooses the winner. The £50,000 will be spent to open an informal café to provide work experience, new skills, raise confidence and the motivation for young people to lead a successful independent life. The café will be equipped to create light lunch and refreshments and the young people will receive training foe cooking skills, starting their own business, food hygiene and health and safety.

The voting line for GISDA was open on Tuesday the 26th November; even though there was a strong campaign GISDA was not successful on the day. But there was one other chance of receiving the money and that was the bonus prize. During a staff meeting in Tremadog on Friday, the ITV news crew and Lottery staff came to in greet the staff with a cheque of £50,000.

Gethin Evans, Project Manager GISDA said:
“This is amazing, after we lost on Tuesday, we didn’t expect anything. Seeing the filming crew arriving with the cheque was a shock, to know that this project is being funded is great, as it will give the chance for young people to develop skills, raise confidence and a chance to receive some accreditations in various areas”.

GISDA would like to thank everyone for the support the received during their People’s Millions champagne, especially those who picked up the phone to vote on Tuesday.

04/12/13: Photos

Cinematic - CCG's Festive Fun Day - click here

28/11/13: Photos

Stencil session in Beumaris - click here
Parenting Group: Stencils - click here

26/11/13: We need your vote!

posterThe phone lines are now open for the People’s Millions. We need your vote for the chance to receive a grant of £50,000. If successful be will open Caffi Ni that will be a space for young people get training, volunteering opportunity and to raise confidence.

To vote phone: 0871 62 68 167

Today is the only day you can vote, and the lines will close at midnight.

Thank you for your support.

19/11/13: Photos

Filming for People’s Millions - click here

poster13/11/13: Final Round - People's Millions

We have gone to the final round of the People’s Millions’ TV programme – here is our poster! Please click on it for more information.



12/11/13: Photos

Hafan Halloween Cooking - click here

07/11/13: Photos

Climbing in Harlech - click here
Young Parents Halloween Party - click here

31/10/13: GISDA has gone to the final round of the People’s Millions’ TV programme

This is a press release from the Lottery stating that GISDA has gone to the final round of the People’s Millions’ TV programme. More information will be available shortly. We will be needing as much support as possible from people from Gwynedd, North Wales and beyond in order to attract as many votes as possible to try and win the £50,000! Can you please send this on to your contacts please? Diolch yn fawr - click here

24/10/13: Jobs

We are looking for 6 new employees to join our team here at Gisda:
2 x Family Supporter (Full Time)
1 x Family Supporter (Part Time)
3 x Peer Mentors
Click here for more details

22/10/13: Photos
Young Parents : Halloween Baking - click here
YURT Building - click here

18/10/13: Photos
AGM 2013 photos - click here

10/10/13: Annual Report 2012-2013

Here is Gisda’s Annual Report 2012-2013, we would like to thank everyone for their cooperation over the year and we are looking forward to the future!
Click here to view the report

02/10/13: Moving Forward Project

Dear Colleagues

As many of you will know, Llamau and our partners CBSA, Sova, Gisda and Construction Youth Trust have been awarded £3.3million over the next two years to help young people who are care leavers or have offended to get into work. This funding has been made available through Getting Ahead, a non-Lottery funding programme which is being delivered through the BIG Fund and is funded by money that has been dormant in bank and building society accounts across the UK for 15 years or more. How the money is being spent in Wales has been determined by policy directions issued to the Big Lottery Fund by the Welsh Government.

We are delighted to announce that our project to deliver this programme starts today, October 1st 2013. Symud Ymlaen/Moving Forward will be available in each of the 22 local authorities in Wales. Symud Ymlaen/Moving Forward will work with 440 young people who have been in care and/or young people who have offended, providing them with support, qualifications and 6 months paid work experience. Eligible young people need to be 16 or 17 years of age when they start the project.

Moving Forward presentation - click here

Referral form - click here

You can find out more and download referral forms at the Symud Ymlaen/Moving Forward website which will go live today!

All partners are available to come out and speak to you or your teams/colleagues about how Symud Ymlaen/Moving Forward will work in your area. The interactive map on the website will give you the contact details you need or please feel free to contact the Symud Ymlaen/Moving Forward team at Llamau on 02920 239585 and ask for Bridget Lafferty or email Bridget:

Please forward this email to your colleagues to help us reach young people across Wales.

We believe that together we can help the most vulnerable young people, who are furthest away from employment, gain the skills to get into work.

01/10/13: Thank You
We would like to thank everyone who attended the Annual General Meeting last week – a very successful day!

25/09/13: AGM

The Annual General Meeting is being held this Thursday at the Galeri Caernarfon at 2.00pm, remember it is not too late to confirm your attendance. If you would like to attend the meeting with the opportunity to see the young people’s amazing art work then please do not hesitate to e-mail me or give us a call on 01286 671153!

19/08/13: Jobs

We are looking for two Project Workers here at Gisda. Click here for more information

05/08/13: Photos
Fishing 30.7.13 - click here

05/08/13: Photos
YURT Building - click here

05/08/13: Invitation

Come over to Shelter Cymru’s stall Monday 3pm in the Eisteddfod to hear Leanne Wood saying a few words in support of the new consortium.

02/08/13 CINEMATIC
Cinematic is an enterprise that was started by a Group of Young people that recieve support from Gisda. The idea of the Business was to put on innovative events using a large mobile screen. The Group have been very busy recently filming an advert for the screen, Click on the link below to see the advert:

For more information or to rent the screen, contact Gethin on 01286 671153.

29/07/13: Information Shop Activities

In August, Lynda Roberts a key worker will be hosting music activities in the shop for the residents every Thursday afternoon.

Agor Drysau will also be doing different activities there every Friday.

poster12/07/13: Invitation

We would like to invite you to Gisda’s Annual General Meeting at the Galeri on 26th of September at 2.00pm. You can confirm your attendance by e-mailing me or, phone our office or complete the form and return.



09/07/13: Photos
Kayaking and Stencilling photos -click here

27/06/13: Photos
Indoor Climbing photos - click here

21/06/13: Getting Ahead Project

Good News – GISDA has been successful in a bid for funding with the Getting Ahead project through the Big Lottery. This was an all-Wales consortia bid for 3.4million with Llamau, Sova and CBSA (Wales)Ltd. The prosiect will work with 16/17 yr olds leaving care and/or are offenders.

21/06/13: Agored Cymru Units

Since September 2011 GISDA have issued 176 Agored Cymru units to 76 young people. We have 18 units on our framework which offers something for everyone. These include budgeting, cooking, mosaics and dance.

06/06/13: Congratulations

One of Gisda’s ex service users and ex employee, Kelsey Jones has been chosen to play football for the womens homeless team! - click here

05/06/13: Congratulations

Congratulations to ex-service user and peer mentor Kelsey Jones who has been chosen to play for the Welsh national homeless football team. She will be heading off to Poland this August to play in the womens homeless world cup. Amazing! Well done Kelsey!

03/06/13: Gisda to build a YURT

Gisda has received a grant from ‘Youth in Action’ to build a YURT with a professional from Denmark – See Attachment for more information. Very exciting project!

If any person aged 16-25 has any interest in joining the project, contact us on 01286 671153

28/05/13: Thank You

We would like to thank everyone at Asda Caernarfon. We have been chosen by the staff to receive the money from the bag purchases. We have received a total of £1,616.62

17/05/13: Thank You

Thank you very much to the kind people who contributed towards Gisda in Tesco Caernarfon on the 17th of May. Thank also to the staff and service users who volunteered their time. We have collected £316.23. This money will now be put to one side for the service users. Thanks everyone!!

23/04/13: Hi Everyone

The last event at Tesco Caernarfon on the 6th of April had to be cancelled due to not enough people taking part. Therefor we have arranged another date to pack bags and raise awareness of Gisda in Tesco Caernarfon on the 17th of May which is on a Friday – making it easier for people to take part. We would be very grateful if anyone could help us on this day – if you are interested in helping Gisda in this event e-mail or call me to confirm times etc. Thank you very much!

19/04/13: Mentoring Day 10/4/13 and 17/4/13 photos - click here

17/04/13: Gisda Spring Newsletter - click here

08/04/13: Rabbit Farm photos - click here

05/04/13: Mosaics Session Tremadog photos - click here

03/04/13: Street Football Wales April photos - click here

18/03/13: Gardening Blaenau Ffestiniog photos - click here

18/03/13: Graffiti Blaenau Ffestiniog photos - click here

14/03/13: The Play Centre photos - click here

13/03/13: Graffiti photos - click here

08/03/13: Job - Counsellor (Part Time) - click here

22/02/13: Mountain biking photos - click here

21/02/13 : If you would like to volunteer to help Gisda fundraise by packing bags at Caernarfon Tesco on 6/4/13 please let us know.

21/02/13: Information Centre Launch photos - click here

20/02/13 : Thank you to the volunteers who came to fundraise at Bangor Tesco last Saturday - £321 was raised!

11/02/13: Gisda is looking for volunteers to help fundraise at Bangor Tesco next Saturday 16/2/13 bewtween 10am and 4pm. If you can spare an hour or two of your time please contact This is also an opportunity for young people to get evidence towards the Welsh Bac.

24/01/13: Mentoring Day photos - click here

04/01/13: 'Darparu Cefnogaeth a Chyfleoedd i Bobl Ifanc' (Papur Dre, Cwmni Da a Choleg Menai) Video - click here

04/01/13: 'Gweithgareddau GISDA' (Papur Dre, Cwmni Da a Choleg Menai) Video - click here

03/01/13: Young parents go bowling photos - click here

03/01/13: Making Gingerbread Men photos - click here

03/01/13: Peer Mentor training photos - click here

03/01/13: Making Xmas Wreaths photos - click here

21/12/12: Christmas Quiz photos - click here

18/12/12: Christmas Newsletter - click here

8/12/12: Photos of children's Christmas Party - click here

18/12/12: Gisda has been presented with a certificate for a Healthy Workplace by Simply Health – presented to Sian and the staff by Jade Wright.


staff   staff

18/12/12: Gisda has won the Lloyds Bank Community Fund Campaign

yn y banc

Photo of Sian receiving a cheque from Jonathan Jenkins (Lloyds Bank Senior Business Manager) and Steve Ancill, Bangor Branch Manager Lloyds Bank. Thanks to all who supported Gisda.



27/11/12: Drums for Peace Youth Exchange to Estonia - click here

22/11/12: Photos of Cinematic - click here

01/11/12: This was a ‘Drums for Peace’ youth exchange to Estonia and three young people from Gisda went there for a week with two members of staff.

Click here to listen to Soundcloud

15/10/12: Photos of Sea Kayaking and Gardening - click here

01/10/12 The Daily Post ‘Wish’ Campaign

Dear all,

Gisda is part of the Daily Post ‘Wish’ campaign from 2nd of October 2012.

There is £25,000 available to share between an amount of organisations in North wales who have been nominated and we are in the mix.

How does it work? – Between October 2nd and November 19th there will be four tokens in the newspaper every day. Whoever buys the newspaper can decide, if they wish, to cut out the tokens and donate to whichever organisation they so wish. At the end of the campaign the organisations count the tokens received and take them to the Daily Post office. The more tokens we have, the bigger our share of the pot.

How can you help? – by:

- If you already buy the paper yourself, you can give the tokens to Gisda, if you wish
- Tell your friends, neighbours and contacts about the scheme
- Share on Facebook and Twitter during the campaign
- Putting a poster up in an effective place in your area – just ask me for a poster –
- Asking your local newspaper shop if they would be willing to put up a poster and collecting the tokens for Gisda (we have posters and we can get some more boxes) – I will ask iwan’s shop in Caernarfon, the Spar in Brynsiencyn etc.
- If you are in a work meeting – let people know about the campaign
- If you attend college, or are a member of any groups outside of work, ask if we can put a poster up and let them know about the campaign
- Perhaps you have your own ideas? Let me know!

With this type of campaign it works better if you have a number of people collecting on your behalf, lessening the effort involved.

There will be a box in the reception at Ty Rhydalun for receipt of tokens also.

Thank-you so much!

21/09/12: Annual Report 2011 - 2012 - click here

Inflatable cinema
Gisda’s young people have been successful with their application for £2500 from the Princes’s Trust to develop a new enterprise, an inflatable cinema. Here is their presentation……. - click here

19/09/12: Latest Newsletter - click here

11/09/12: Job: Project Worker - click here

September 07 2012

Football Tournament September 2012 - click here for the photos

August 20 2012

GISDA Awards Night - click here to view the photos

August 1 2012: Photos Art Workshop South Gwynedd / Royal Opera House / Mosaics July 2012 - click here

August 1 2012: Photos from the Streetwise Opera in London

August 1 2012: From the press: Homeless people centre stage at Royal Opera House

July 30 2012:


GISDA's Business Plan 2012-2015 - click here

02/07/12: Drumming workshop June 2012 photos - click here

02/07/12: Mosaic Workshop photos - click here

May 23 2012

GISDA's young people have recorded this song with Grassroots in their studio in Cardiff - click here


Mindful Employer


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