GISDA offers a confidential, professional and bilingual general counselling service to all service users. GISDA’s counsellors are all registered members of a counsellor professional body.

What’s counselling about?
Sometimes we all have problems that are worrying. Think of a confusing jigsaw when all the pieces are difficult to fit together. Talking about a problem in counselling is like sorting out all the pieces so we can begin to build a picture that makes more sense to us. Sometimes it’s difficult to talk to parents or friends about things that are making us anxious. A counsellor is someone you can talk to in a different way, someone who will listen to you carefully, who will not judge you or tell you what to do. Counselling is about helping you to work things out for yourself, making decisions and choices and helping you to look at things differently. It can help you to feel better about yourself.

What kind of things do people talk about in counselling?

• Whatever matters to them or whatever is worrying for them. It could be about lots of different things.
• Whatever has been on their mind, nothing too big or too small to talk through with a counsellor, sharing your thoughts might help you to see what would be the best option for you
• Whatever people talk about with the counsellor it is confidential. Counsellors will only breach confidentiality if anyone is thought to be at harm or risk.

People usually arrange to meet with a counsellor on a regular basis at a convenient time and in a safe place.

In GISDA you can drop in, give us a call, ask a key worker to refer you, send us a text or e-mail to make a private appointment.

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