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Volunteers have become a very important part to GISDA in the last year. At the start of 2014 we didn't have a volunteer system. It was obvious that this could be potential for the company and a benefit to people in the community, GISDA’s young people and to us as a company.

By creating voluntary opportunities we can give people the skills they need to enable them to move on to employment. Unemployment amongst young people in the area, including GISDA’s young people is high. Volunteering opportunities can help people who have been out of work for a long or short period of time by making them employable and give them the chance and support they need. Already we can see that the project has developed and grown a lot and has had a positive effect on our volunteers.

We offer volunteer opportunities to different types of volunteers including academic volunteers who want placement to complete their degree, school students who want work experiences, young people who want to develop their CV and earn training to enable them to move into work and also people who are looking to help a charity and the community.

The volunteer coordinator that is funded by Gwynedd Council and interviews volunteers on a daily basis and gives inductions, regular meetings, training, create new roles, award certificates and so on. The volunteer coordinator is the main point of contact for the volunteers.

To see all of our volunteer roles click here. If none of these roles are suitable for you and that you have an idea or skill that you can share with us – please contact us to discuss further!


Volunteer coordinator – Lyndsey Thomas

01286 671153





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