Volunteers are very important to Gisda to support us in growing the charity and the service that help so many young people in Gwynedd. Volunteering is a great opportunity to develop the individual’s skills as well as an opportunity to contribute to the community.

Here are some of the ways and opportunities that you can help us through volunteering:

‘Tea  a Cofi’
This is a project that is funded by the People’s millions lottery fund, providing the opportunity to develop a training centre for young people to learn new skills that can enable them to move into paid employment within the catering field.
The role asks the volunteer to perform a variety of duties in the kitchen / café counter to ensure an excellent customer experience. Serving customers, preparing food and drinks, clearing tables and generally keeping the café clean, using a till whilst working in a effective team with other volunteers and staff. Contact us for more information.
Cinematic is a large inflatable cinema screen – and it is possible to watch films, arrange a Xbox competition, host a children’s parties and it is also possible to hire a popcorn and hot dog machine with the screen. As it is a mobile screen it is possible to raise the screen in a range of different venues on the beach, in a field, on the street and in village halls. Assist the project officer in attending events to set up the equipment, communicate with customers and handling money when selling products. Contact us for more information.

Fundraising and events
Fundraising is an enjoyable and exiting way that you can take part as a volunteer. Volunteers can support us in various ways – helping out with collection boxes, public speaking events with the donation going to the charity etc.

Outdoor Activities / Sports
If you have a keen interest in sports and outdoor activities why not volunteer for Gisda by arranging activities for the Young people or help the staff by joining the Group. Gisda’s Young people regularly take part in football, climbing, walking and much more.

Do you have marketing skills that you can share with Gisda? We are always looking for volunteers in this area. Have you organised events in the past or do you have experience of raising awareness? Contact us to discuss further.

Volunteering with grant research 
Do you have some time to support Gisda by researching for grants to develop the charity further? Do you have IT skills? Contact us to discuss further. 

We regularly visit North Wales schools and other agencies to hold workshops and presentations on what we do at Gisda. If you have good people skills or want experience in this area please contact us to discuss.

Parenting Group
Every week the Young Parents project runs a Parenting Group for our Young people and their children. In these sessions they take part n a variety of activities such as cooking, art, going on trips and much more. Do you have good communication skills with children? Or are you confident in this area? Contact us for more information.

With every volunteer we will arrange a meeting to find out their interests and what project they would like to volunteer within. The roles can vary and it is impossible to define each one. If you have a different role in mind, please contact us for a chat.




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