Anger Management


Face Anger

Anger Management & Emotional Wellbeing programme.
Anyone can get angry – that’s easy; but to be angry with the right person, at the right time, to the right degree, for the right reasons; is not so easy.
British Association of Anger Management certified trainers can offer accredited sessions to young people.

The programme offers:
- Specialised, practical information
- An opportunity to explore the background to their emotions
- Draw on experiences from peers in a safe group environment
- A greater understanding of their own anger
- Awareness of how anger can be communicated in a healthy and acceptable way

Sessions are accredited through Agored Cymru at Level 1

Course Outline:
- Understanding your own anger and other emotions
- Recognising unhealthy anger in yourself and others.
- Modelling appropriate emotional expression
- Conflict resolution strategies


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