About Us

We provide accommodation, support and opportunities for vulnerable young people in Gwynedd between the ages of 16 and 25 years old.

GISDA was established in 1985 to provide support and accommodation for homeless young people in the area. Since then, GISDA has grown and developed many other supporting projects, including social enterprises, as a means of sustaining services for the young people we support.

GISDA is a charity that provides intensive support and opportunities to vulnerable young people in Gwynedd between 16 and 25 years old. GISDA seeks to improve young people’s lives by working with them to develop their independent living skills and improve their employability, health and wellbeing, and sense of self-worth. The support we offer each individual is tailored to their needs, directly addressing the difficulties they are experiencing and aimed towards achieving the goals they have set for themselves. Through the range of projects and therapeutic support that GISDA offers, young people gain the skills and confidence required to live independently.

Some of our projects include supporting young parents, raising awareness of homelessness across schools, finding and providing accommodation for young people, and supporting their transition into employment. Our various social enterprises, such our café in Caernarfon’s town centre, provide further opportunities for young people.