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Ddiwrnod amgylchedd y byd!

I wneud ein rhan ni o godi ymwybyddiaeth o lygredd plastig, mae grŵp o bobl ifanc a staff wedi bod yn cymryd rhan mewn gweithgaredd hel sbwriel o amgylch Caernarfon. Diolch i bawb a gymerodd rhan, roedd hi'n braf cael mynd am dro yn yr haul a hefyd helpu'r amgylchedd.

⭐Join our Board of Trustees⭐

We are looking for a new trustee to join our Board. As a trustee, you will have the opportunity to help shape the path and future of our services, and make a real difference in the lives of the young people we support. We are looking for someone who is passionate about our mission and is committed to supporting our work in the community.

If you are interested in applying or know someone who would be a good fit, then please contact Elizabeth George for more information⤵️⤵️


📞01286 671153

ICan Hub x Oriel Môn

Yesterday, 12 people from GISDA Bangor's ICan Hub visited the David Woodford exhibition at Oriel Môn. It was a wonderful experience that boosted our well-being and mental health. Being surrounded by art and creativity has a positive impact on our mood, reduces stress and anxiety, and increases our sense of connection with others. Thank you to Oriel Môn for hosting such an amazing exhibition!

Youth Work Excellence Awards 2022

We are so proud to be nominated for the "Welsh in youth work" award at the Youth Work Excellence Awards 2022, what a great night celebrating all the amazing work that is happening across Wales with young people last night. Congratulations to all the winners.


Welsh Youth Parliament

Over the weekend Keira travelled down to Cardiff to represent GISDA in the Welsh Parliament.

Keira delivered an extremely important speech on the impact of the cost of living crisis on the mental health of young people and also presented the findings of the mental health report that was carried out across Wales.
Congratulations Keira. You were great! 👏👏

Homeless Prevention Partnership for the Young People of Gwynedd

“Services should work together”

Voice is one of our strategic aims here at GISDA and we work to ensure that the voice of young people is central to our work, is heard and together produces new ideas!

GISDA’s Youth Board was established in 2021, to ensure that young people’s voices are central part of the service they receive and to create opportunities from them to build their self-confidence by expressing themselves and their experiences, the community and learning about local and national politics.

This autumn the board has been a big part of the formation of a Lottery Application, Homeless Prevention Partnership for the Young People of Gwynedd. The aim of the project is that by working together with a wide number of organizations from different sectors we will be able to create a long-term plan in order to try to solve the challenges and reasons for homelessness and identify why many young people lose their homes in Gwynedd.

To ensure that the voice of young people is central to the partnership’s work, Laura Sorvala, a graphic and illustration recorder, was invited to take part in the Young People’s board to create a visual representation of the young people’s stories and ideas across all the support services that are a key part of their journey towards independence. The young people voiced their opinions ad feelings on what they need most from the services.

The young people voiced the importance of organisations communicating and working together, one young person said:

“Services should work together because each of them can come together with different ideas and listen to each other.”

This visual piece by Laura will be key to developing the path of the Homeless Prevention Partnership for the Young People of Gwynedd projct by ensuring that the voices, needs and vision of our young people are heard.


Laura Sorvala visits GISDA's Youth Board

Our GISDA Youth Board had a very exciting meeting this week with special guest Laura Sorvala. Laura is a graphic and illustrative recorder who transforms important ideas into inspiring illustrations.

Laura was invited to participate at the Board to create a visual representation of our young people’s stories and ideas across the many services that are integral to their journey towards independence. Our young people voiced their opinions and feelings on what they need most from the services and imagined how the best possible outcomes would feel and look to them.

A key factor in realising this vision is the multi-agency space currently being developed by GISDA called ‘Lle Da’

This visual piece created by Laura will contribute substantially towards the development and path of the Homeless Prevention Partnership for the Young People of Gwynedd project by ensuring that the vision, voices and needs of our young people are central to the work. Learn more about Homeless Prevention Partnership for the Young People of Gwynedd

Homeless Prevention Partnership for the Young People of Gwynedd

We have been extremely fortunate to receive funding from the National Lottery. An investment that enables GISDA to continue supporting the young people of our community by working in partnership with different organisations to develop a plan that addresses and tackles homelessness among the young people of Gwynedd

By working together with local organizations we will strengthen our network of partnerships, by expanding to include the private sector and innovative organizations. The network of partners include: GISDA Cyf, Gwynedd Council, ADRA housing association

, I'Can Betsi Cadwaladr, M-Sparc, Arloesi Gwynedd Wledig, Co-production Network for Wales and Dafydd Hardy, working together to try to solve the challenges that can lead to homelessness in Gwynedd.

The young people of Gwynedd will be central to the work, their voices will be heard in discussions, meetings and decisions along the journey.

This project is an extremely exciting one as it is the first time this partnership has worked together! There is no cross sector forum like this where organisations can share experiences, expertise and ideas on preventing homelessness in the young people's area. The partnership feels passionate about tackling homelessness and believe that we can develop a strong plan between us.


Summer of Fun GISDA

The Summer of Fun initiative aimed to support the emotional, social and physical well-being of all children and young people. This summer we were very lucky to receive £10,000 for activities for young people. During the period of our Summer of Fun funding 117 young people attended 8 activities - Alton Towers, The Beatles Museum, The Museum of British Music in Liverpool and many more.

The experience gave the young people the opportunity to meet new people, communicate with others, use transport, develop travel skills and also bring some fun to their period over the summer.

"I was so nervous about going on the rides but so glad i pushed myself to go on them as I don't know when I'd get the opportunity again! Was so much fun and glad I got to do my own things at my own pace." - A young person that attended the Alton Towers trip